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The ultimate objective of the organization today is to grow as an integrated value chain incorporating many more in-house brands so as to, ultimately be known as a “Total Food Solutions Company”.

About us


Are you looking for best Horeca food supplies, best hotel food supplies, best restaurant food supplies in Ahmedabad or in the whole Gujarat? Then, Horeca – Hearty Mart Enterprise is the right place to look for superior quality products and a great service experience!!

We are proud to say that we have been the reliable catering food suppliers, cafe food suppliers and restaurant food suppliers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and Rajasthan regions.

India is known as the spice bowl of the world and is a potpourri of flavours, aromas and spices! Spices and masalas are a way of life in India and rice, the staple diet of Indians all over the country. Imagine Bollywood without masala, tea without masala, chaat without masala, gossip without masala and finally, the Indian food without masala!.


History created in 2008!! – The launch of Horeca – Hearty Mart Enterprise.

The ability to source the products at low costs is the key!!

Mr. Nadeem Jafri, the founder of the Hearty Mart group, righty assessed and analyzed that most of his people in his community are into hotels, so, it would be easy for Hearty Mart to get business!! This backward integration was very successful and soon Hearty Mart Enterprise was able to stock products at much lower costs, thus, increasing the margins.

During this time, Mr. Nadeem Jafri met Mr. Wazir Ali and Mr. Hussain Abbas, two entrepreneurs who had started Ashish Enterprises, a supplier to highway hotels.  A GRAND MERGER took place in July 2008 and since then Horeca – Hearty Mart Enterprise has never looked back.


Constantly being Creative and Inspiring!!!

Today we can proudly say that Hearty Mart Enterprise is a leading HoReCa food supplier in Gujarat, Rajasthan and we are supplying to more than 1000 hotels, restaurants and caterers with our excellent quality products.  Our supplies to highway hotels are growing day by day. We always strive to learn through all our experiences we have in our journey.

After the creation of Hearty Mart Enterprise, launching our own brands was on the cards. Being at a vantage point by way of an existing network of retail, franchisee outlets, the huge HoReCa sector, our various brands had a ready market.

Initiating the first brand in 2009-10, our product mix selection was based on Indian tastes and popularity. Hence, Rice – the staple diet of Indians and Masalas, Sauces, Dry fruits without which every Indian meal, palette and life is bland, was the obvious choice of products for our own brands. All these brands are sourced, processed, packaged and delivered by Hearty Mart Enterprise with a special focus on quality, colour, texture and most importantly, taste.


Delivering the perfect experience

“Chef ki Pasand” and “GoodTime” are the brands launched in the spice and taste enhancers segment of Horeca that add the finishing touch to a dish! “Good Time” is available to the wholesale sector and off the shelf products. However, “Chef ki Pasand” is a brand that was initiated for meeting the demands of the HoReCa segment (Hotel-Restaurant-Caterer Segment).


Expanding our Horizon!!!

Hotels, Restaurant and Cafe food supply is our forte!!

We can proudly say that we have been the best hotel food suppliers in Ahmedabad, the best hotel food suppliers in Vadodara and the best hotel food suppliers in Surat.  Our strong operations team has made us serve as the best hotel food suppliers in Himatnagar, as the best hotel food suppliers in Vapi and as the best hotel food suppliers in Jamnagar.  

We are the proud restaurant food supplier in Ahmedabad, supplying to most of the restaurants since many years. We also have the record of serving out of Ahmedabad regions when it comes to restaurant grocery supply. Horeca – Hearty Mart Enterprise is diligently working as a reliable restaurant food supplier in Vadodara and a dedicated restaurant food supplier in Surat. Even if you are looking for restaurant food suppliers in Vapi, restaurant food suppliers Himatnagar or restaurant food supplier Jamnagar, we can definitely serve in these regions as well.

We must say that they all our Customers have been highly satisfied with our high-quality products and with our on-time delivery. It makes us very proud that we are able to stand on our commitment to delivering superior quality of Horeca supplies in various regions.

Horeca – Hearty Mart Enterprise is also taking care of many restaurant grocery supplies in Ahmedabad and many restaurant grocery supplies in Vadodara regions.  Even if you are looking for finest restaurant grocery supplies in Surat or the finest restaurant grocery supplies Vapi, then also, we can serve you completely with our high-quality sourcing needs.  Himatnagar and Jamnagar are also the regions out of Ahmedabad, where we are taking care of many restaurant grocery supplies successfully.

Serving as catering food suppliers or cafe food suppliers give us the sense of fulfillment and encourage us to deliver to more and more make restaurants in various regions.

Also, when it comes to grocery, we are the best in providing best quality restaurant grocery suppliers in Vadodara, best restaurant grocery supplies in Surat, best restaurant grocery supplies in Vapi. We are also catering as best restaurant grocery supplies in Himatnagar and best restaurant grocery supplies in Jamnagar.

Therefore, if you are eating hotel food in Gujarat or Rajasthan, chances are that Horeca – Hearty Mart Enterprise is a supplier to them.


Our Promise!!!

You can count on us at any time when it comes to Horeca – Hearty Mart Enterprise!

Our Products

Indian Spice Powder :

Indian Spice Powder :

HoReCa food supplies to hotels, restaurants and catering need to have the best spices powder to ensure their customers are served best quality food. HoReCa supplies of Indian Spices Powder needs high quality with authenticity maintained.

We at Hearty Mart Enterprise deals in all kinds of Indian Spices Powder and it’s obvious that, wherever there is Hearty Mart Enterprise Brand, quality is guaranteed.

Our hotel food supplies/ restaurant food supplies /catering food supplies include the following spices powder range.

View all Products :

bulletChili Powder bulletChili Powder Kashmiri bulletTurmeric Powder
bulletCoriander Powder bulletKitchen King Masala bulletChana Chhole Masala
bulletChat Masala bulletAll in One Masala bulletBiryani Pulav Masala
bulletSambar Masala bulletRajwadi Masala bulletChhas Masala
bulletTea Masala bulletFruit Chat Masala bulletHotel King Magic Masala
bulletPav bhaji Masala bulletMeat Masala bulletBlack Pepper Powder
bulletWhite Pepper Powder bulletHing Powder bulletJeera Powder
bulletSunth Powder bulletAmchur Powder bulletMustard Powder
bulletJaljira Powder bulletChili Flakes bulletOregano Flakes
bulletBasil Flakes bulletMix Herbs

Indian Spices Whole :

Sourcing, sorting and ensuring the best quality in Indian Spices Whole needs experienced team committed for Hotel food supplies/Restaurant food supplies/Catering food supplies.

Hearty Mart Enterprise with our customer based on 1000 plus HoReCa, is a safe bet for hotel supplies/restaurant supplies/catering supplies in Indian Spices Whole.

We deal in following products in our Indian Spices Whole category:

View all Products :

bulletBlack Pepper - Mari bulletCloves - Long bulletCinnamon - Taj
bulletStar Anise - Badiyan bulletNutmeg - Jaifal bulletMace - Javantri
bulletGreen Cardamom - Elaichi bulletWhite Cardamom - Elaichi bulletBalck Cardamom - Elaichi
bulletCardamom Seeds bulletIndian Bay leaf - Tej Patta bulletCumin Seeds - Jeera
bulletFennel Seeds - Variyali bulletMustard - Rai bulletFenugreek Seeds - Methi
bulletCarom seed - Ajwain bulletCoriander Seeds - Dhana Whole bulletBlack Cumin Seeds - Shahi Jeera
bulletAsafoetida Whole - Hing bulletGarcinia Indica - Kokam bulletDry Mangoes - Amchur
bulletDry Ginger - Sunth bulletChilly Dry Whole bulletTamarind - Ambali
bulletKasturi Methi Dry leaves bulletSaffron
Indian Spices Whole :
Dry Fruits :

Dry Fruits :

Our Dry Fruits such as Cashew Nuts – Kaju, Almonds Nuts – Badam, Pistachio Nuts etc., are always in demand in all the Horeca in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Now no more struggle to find and get high-quality dry fruits for hotel food suppliers, restaurant food suppliers and catering food suppliers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

We deal in all kinds of dry fruits as stated below:

View all Products :

bulletCashew Nuts - Kaju bulletCashew Nuts 2 pcs - Kaju Fada bulletCashew Nuts 4 pcs - Kaju Tukda
bulletCashew Nuts Broken - Kaju Kani bulletAlmond Nuts - Badam bulletPistachio Nuts
bulletRaisins - Kishmish bulletWalnut - Akhrot bulletFig - Anjeer
bulletCharoli bulletDate - Khajur bulletKharek
bulletPoppy Seeds bulletKhoya Makhana bulletCoconut Dry
bulletCoconut Powder bulletWater Melon Seeds- Magajtari bulletSesame Seeds - Til
bulletPeanut - Sing bulletMukhwas bulletSweet Variyali
bulletDhana Dal

Canning Food :

If quality is the most important part while taking the decision of canning food for your catering food suppliers, then Hearty Mart Canning food is the best. Visit us to check out our collection of canning food. Canning food is great and it increases shelf life. We at Horeca – Hearty Mart Enterprise, Ahmedabad, has the right expertise, knowledge and equipment to canning food to make sure that its taste and quality remains exactly the same throughout the year.

For hotel supplies/restaurant supplies/catering supplies, we provide various range of must have canned food listed as below:

View all Products :

bulletPineapple Titbeat bulletPineapple Slices bulletButton Mashroom
bulletMashroom Slices bulletFruit Cocktail bulletSweet Corn
bulletWhole Corn bulletBaby Corn bulletBaked Beans
bulletBamboo Shoot bulletCoconut Milk bulletMango Pulp
bulletTomato Puree bulletSarson ka Saag bulletJelly Powder
bulletJelly ready pcs bulletMix Fruit Jam bulletPineapple Jam
bulletRed Cheri - Karanda bulletRed Cheri bulletTuttyfuty
bulletOlive Black Whole bulletOlive Green Whole bulletHoney
bulletGulab Jamun
Canning Food :
Mocktail Ingredients :

Mocktail Ingredients :

Want some high quality delicious and non-alcoholic drinks to blow your mind??

Mocktail Ingredients is one of our favourites supplies to HoReCa in Gujarat and Rajasthan. The quality and the safety of the final product depend solely on the kind of ingredients used. We, at Horeca – Hearty Mart Enterprise, Ahmedabad assures you that, with us, you will find one of the best quality of Mocktail ingredients.

We deal in following range of mocktail ingredients.

View all Products :

bulletJuice Mango bulletJuice Pineapple bulletJuice Orange
bulletJuice Mix Fruits bulletJuice Cranberry bulletJuice Grapes
bulletJuice Lychee bulletJuice Apple bulletSharbat Rose
bulletSharbat Khus bulletSharbat Mango bulletSharbat Orange
bulletSharbat Pineapple bulletSharbat Strawberry bulletSharbat kesar
bulletSharbat Fenta Orange bulletSirap Blue bulletSirap Chocklet
bulletSirap Mojito Mint bulletCrush Mango bulletCrush Pineapple
bulletCrush Orange bulletCrush Strawberry bulletCrush Kiwi
bulletCrush Lychee bulletCrush Black Currant

Rice, Grains & Pulses :

You can get high quality of Rice, grains and pulses for your hotels, restaurants and catering supplies at Horeca – Hearty Mart Enterprise, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

It does not matter if you are a restaurant food suppliers from Surat, restaurant food suppliers Himatnagar, restaurant food suppliers Vapi, etc., we can fulfill all your HORECA needs.

Horeca – Hearty Mart Enterprise Rice, grains and pulses are among the most well-received food supplies for hotel, restaurants and caterers.

Have a look at our rice, grains and pulses ranges below:

View all Products :

bulletRice Hm Gold bulletRice Hm Premium bulletRice Hm 222
bulletRice Hm 444 bulletRice Hm 333 bulletRice - Dubar
bulletRice Gujarat 17 bulletToor Dal bulletToor Dal - Oil
bulletMasoor Dal bulletChana Dal bulletAdad Dal
bulletMung Dal bulletMung Mogar bulletVatana Dal
bulletAdad Dal Black bulletKabuli Chana bulletVatana Green
bulletVatana White bulletAdad Whole bulletChora White
bulletChora Red bulletChana Deshi bulletMung Whole
bulletMasoor Whole bulletRajma red bulletRajma White
bulletTuver Whole bulletWal White bulletDaliya
Rice, Grains & Pulses :
Ketchup & Sauces :

Ketchup & Sauces :

Horeca- Hearty Mart Enterprise, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, is the most trusted brand for Ketchup and Sauces among catering food suppliers, hotel good suppliers and restaurant food suppliers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Be it Tomato ketchup, red chili sauce, green chili sauce, soya sauce, mustard sauce, vinegar or rose water, Hearty Mart Enterprise is among most preferred brand for HORECA.

Have a look at our wide variety of Ketchup and Sauces we supply to restaurants, hotels and caterers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

View all Products :

bulletTomato Ketchup bulletRed Chili Sauce bulletGreen Chili Sauce
bulletSoya Sauce bulletVineger bulletRose Water
bulletKewada Water bulletAcetic Acid bullet8 to 8 Sauce
bullet8 to 9 Sauce bulletMayonnaise Sauce bulletMustard Sauce
bulletWorcester Shine Souce bulletCapsico Sauce bulletBBQ Sauce
bulletSchezwan Sauce bulletBlack Bean Sauce bulletHoisin Sauce
bulletHP Sauce bulletPlum Sauce bulletTabasco Sauce
bulletPeprico Sauce bulletPeanut butter Sauce

Paste, Pasta & Colors :

Supplying great quality of Pest, Pasta & Colours to all Horecas in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and Rajasthan is our greatest passion and enjoyment. We really want to take the standard of the end food product to the next level and give the food, the ultimate and perfect colour and taste at the same time!

Explore our range of pest, pasta and colours for HoReCa.

View all Products :

bulletBrown Gravy bulletRed Gravy bulletWhite Gravy
bulletBread Crumbs bulletGreen Curry Paste bulletRed Curry Paste
bulletTom Yum Curry Paste bulletYellow Curry Paste bulletSambar Paste
bulletGarlic Paste bulletMonosodium Glutamate - MSG bulletNoodels
bulletMacaroni bulletPasta Penny bulletPasta Fusilli
bulletPasta Fettuccine bulletPasta Farfalle bulletPasta Lasagne
bulletSpaghetti bulletVermicelli bulletJalapeno Slices
bulletColor Orange Red bulletColor Apple Green bulletColor Lemon Yellow
bulletEssence Rose bulletEssence Vanila bulletEssence Pineapple
bulletEssence Mango bulletLimbu Fool
Paste, Pasta & Colors :
Instant Mix & Flour :

Instant Mix & Flour :

Our vertical Horeca at Hearty Mart Enterprise is the reliable partner for all kinds of Instant Mix & Flour for all the hotel food suppliers Ahmedabad, restaurant food suppliers Ahmedabad, Himmatnagar, Vapi etc.

All our instant mixes would give you the same and consistent level of delicious taste and quality all the time!

Explore our Instant Mix & Flour products:

View all Products :

bulletIdli Instant Mix bulletDhosa Instant Mix bulletMedu vada Instant Mix
bulletGulab Jamun Instant Mix bulletCoconut Chutney Instant Mix bulletIdli Rava
bulletAra Lot - Starch Powder bulletCorn Flour bulletAtta Chakki
bulletAtta Chapati bulletAtta Tanduri bulletBesan
bulletMaida bulletSuji bulletRice Flour
bulletMakai Atta bulletCusterd Powder bulletBaking Powder
bulletChocolate Powder bulletCoconut Milk Powder

Achar, Papad, Oil, Ghee and Others :

Indian food is incomplete without Achar, Papad, Oil, Ghee etc. Achar/Pickles at Horeca – Heart Mart Enterprise are using the traditional ways to maintain the authentic flavours.

The range of Papad is prepared by strictly following the highest standards quality. The Same approach is applied to oil, ghee and all our other products.

Have a look at our complete ranges for HoReCas as below:

View all Products :

bulletAchar Mix bulletAchar Mango bulletAchar Sweet
bulletTomato Chutney bulletPapad bulletTea Dust
bulletTea Leaf bulletTea bag bulletCoffee
bulletBournvita bulletCorn Flakes bulletChoco Flakes
bulletMilk Powder bulletOlive Oil bulletSalad Oil
bulletSarso Oil bulletSugar bulletSugar Powder
bulletSugar Cube bulletSugar free bulletCrystal Sugar
bulletSalt bulletBlack Salt bulletGhee Vegetable
bulletGhee Pure bulletJaggery - Gud
Achar, Papad, Oil, Ghee and Others :
Beverages :

Beverages :

We are happy to state that we are one of the best Horeca Tea Suppliers in India and Blended Tea Suppliers in India.

Contact here if you are looking for tea processor in Gujarat, tea packers in Gujarat or tea suppliers in Gujarat. Our Brand promise is Quality Total Tea Solutions for all your Tea supplies.

Our products Green Tea, CTC Leaf Tea and Dust Tea are well known and its demand is increasing day by day.

We have high-quality selection criteria for Green Tea leaves that are of premium quality and fresh in nature. This is what makes us one of the best Green Tea Suppliers in Ahmedabad.

We are also the best CTC Leaf Tea Packers in Gujarat and best Dust Tea Processor in India backed by our strong operational procedures.

If you are looking got online tea suppliers in Gujarat, we can assist you with excellent quality and on-time delivery.

View all Products :

bulletDay break Family blended tea- 250 gm box bulletDay break Green tea- 100 gm box bulletDay break CTC leaf tea- 10 rs. pouch
bulletDay break CTC leaf tea- 250 gm pouch bulletDay break CTC leaf tea-500 gm pouch bulletDay break CTC leaf tea-1 kg pouch
bulletDay break Premium dust tea- 500 gm pouch bulletDay break Premium dust tea-1 kg pouch bulletDay break Premium dust tea- 5 kg bag
bulletDay break Regular dust tea- 1 kg pouch bulletDay break Regular dust tea- 5 kg bag bulletAdarsh CTC leaf tea- 1 kg bag


There are many hotel food suppliers across the region, then, why one should choose from Hearty Mart Enterprise for their hotel supplies or restaurant supplies or catering supplies?

“BUY FROM THE HEART AT HEARTY MART” or “DIL SE KHAREEDO” is the underlying sentiment of all our businesses. Once again, focusing on the client relationship and taking it beyond, to cement a brand loyalty is the essence of Hearty Mart Enterprise and its brand range available in the market.

We don’t source to sell, we source standing on our commitment to assisting hotels, restaurants and caterers to provide the best quality to their customers.

We are not just grocery supplies to hotels or food suppliers to restaurants or catering food suppliers, we are their partners in the delivering best food to their customers.


The Team ensuring High Quality:

Quality is the key!!

We make sure that our products maintain the right taste along with high-quality standards.

Horeca – Hearty Mart Enterprise is the one-stop solution to all the hotels, restaurants and catering industry.

The one-man army, Mr. Hasanali Abbas Momin handling the complete process from sourcing of raw materials to deliveries, is a workaholic. He started his career as a salesman in Hearty Mart and has worked and contributed in every department of the Enterprise. A complete multi-tasker, he is the main driving force, supported by a strong and dedicated team who work in perfect synchronization towards keeping the Enterprise brands on the shelves. He gains his strength and inspiration from Mr. Nadeem and Mr. Vajirali who are the founding pillars of the Hearty Mart Enterprise.