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The ultimate objective of the organization today is to grow as an integrated value chain incorporating many more in-house brands so as to, ultimately be known as a “Total Food Solutions Company”.

About us

Are you looking for best quality Indian spices suppliers, Indian spices exporters or food exporters in Ahmedabad, Gujarat?

Building your Business!!!

“Sabse Khaas, Dil Ke Paas”, this is who we are! From one retail store to 13 plus retail store, 1000+ HoReCa supplies, Farm 2 Store, Spices exporter & food exporters, we have grown leaps and bounds.

We are the spice suppliers catering to the growing needs and demands of ‘Cash n Carry’ products that encapsulate products ranges like Grounded Spices, Ketchup and Sauces and Blended Spices.

All the spices traders/retailers, if you looking at spices suppliers in Ahmedabad or spices suppliers in Palanpur then contact us at Cash & Carry division of Hearty Mart Enterprise and we shall provide you with the best quality of spices.

Cash & Carry – Hearty Mart Enterprise also expanded and supplies to spices suppliers Himatnagar. Each one of the trader/retailer is very satisfied with our products.

Experience the Difference with us!!!

With our wide range of products at our Cash & Carry services, we make it very easy and fast for all caterers and restaurants to get the needed products.   Visit our Cash & Carry division at Hearty Mart Enterprise and start your savings and get the right products at the right price!

Our Products

Grounded Spices :

Grounded Spices :

We being the leading Indian spices suppliers across Gujarat, Rajasthan, have introduced smaller and large packaged products. We are one of the biggest suppliers to the food exporters in India and to the spices suppliers Gujarat. The same quality, the same brand promise, the same taste and same trust delivered in small packages!

Explore our products below for Grounded spices in Cash n Carry:

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bulletMirch - 1 kg. Resham Patto bulletMirch - 500g. Resham Patto bulletMirch - 200g. Resham Patto
bulletMirch - 100g. Resham Patto bulletMirch - 10R. Resham Patto bulletMirch - 1 kg. Regular
bulletMirch - 500g. Regular bulletMirch - 200g. Regular bulletMirch - 100g. Regular
bulletMirch - 10R. Regular bulletMirch - 1kg. Tikhalal bulletMirch - 500g. Tikhalal
bulletMirch - 200g. Tikhalal bulletMirch - 100g. Tikhalal bulletMirch - 10R. Tikhalal
bulletMirch - 500g. Kasmiri bulletTurmeric - 1kg. Premium bulletTurmeric - 500g. Premium
bulletTurmeric - 200g. Premium bulletTurmeric - 100g. Premium bulletTurmeric - 10R. Premium
bulletTurmeric - 1kg. Regular bulletTurmeric - 500g. Regular bulletTurmeric - 200g. Regular
bulletTurmeric - 100g. Regular bulletTurmeric - 10R. Regular bulletDhania - 1kg.
bulletDhania - 500g. bulletDhania - 200g. bulletDhania - 100g.
bulletDhania - 10R. bulletDhana-jeera - 1kg. bulletDhana-jeera - 500g.
bulletDhana-jeera - 200g. bulletDhana-jeera - 100g. bulletDhana-jeera - 10R.

Ketchup and Sauces :

If you have ever eaten out in Ahmedabad and other parts of Gujarat, we can safely say that you have tasted Hearty Mart ‘s Ketchup and sauces . In ‘Cash n Carry’ division we provide the same sauces and ketchup in smaller packages. Get your favourite ketchup and sauces at best prices at Cash n Carry.

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bulletTomato Ketchup - 1Kg. bulletRed Chilly sauce - 650g. bulletGreen Chilly sauce - 650g.
bulletSoya sauce - 700g.
Ketchup and Sauces :
Blended Spices :

Blended Spices :

We, at Cash n Carry – Hearty Mart, provide best quality of blended spices like Tea masala, Pav Bhaji Masala, Sambhar Masala etc. that serve the purpose of best quality and taste.

Inside of blended spices category we provide the following products.

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bulletTea masala - 20gm. bulletChana chole - 20gm. bulletPav Bhaji Masala - 20gm.
bulletFruit masala - 20gm. bulletRajwadi garam - 20gm. bulletKitchen king - 20gm.
bulletSabji masala - 20gm. bulletKhichadi Masala - 20gm. bulletDabeli masala - 20gm.
bulletBiryani Pulav Masala - 20gm. bulletSambhar Masala - 20gm. bulletChass Masala - 20gm.
bulletMamra popcorn Masala - 20gm. bulletKadhi Masala - 20gm. bulletPani Puri Masala - 20gm.
bulletNoodels Masala - 20gm. bulletJain Noodels Masala - 20gm. bulletJal Jira Masala - 20gm.
bulletDry Lasan Chatni - 20gm. bulletDry Samosa Chatni - 20gm. bulletJeera Powder - 20gm.
bulletGanthoda Powder - 20gm. bulletAmchur Powder - 20gm. bulletTajj Powder - 20gm.
bulletAmchur Powder - 20gm. bulletKashmiri Chilly Powder - 20gm. bulletWhite Mari Powder - 20gm.
bulletBlack Mari Powder - 20gm. bulletKhichadi Masala - 20gm. bulletKasuri Methi - 20gm.

Beverages :

Cash n Carry – Hearty Mart has been the best Tea Exporters in India and has been exporting high-quality teas like Green Tea, CTC Tea, Blended Tea, Dust Tea etc. for many years. We are backed by a strong manufacturing and processing unit with best and strict quality of testing procedures which makes us the best Tea Processor in India.

Our continuous thrive for Innovation and deep understanding of the tea processing, make us one of the renowned Tea Packers in India. Therefore, if you are looking for Tea Suppliers in India, we could assist you with the right and excellent quality.

Contact us if you are looking for Dust Tea Dealers in India or Blended Tea Wholesalers in India and we shall support you with our best quality and strong infrastructure.

We are also one of the best Green Tea Exporters in India and CTC Tea Exporters in India.

If you work with us, you will serve your Client with a magnificent aroma of tea with complete bliss!!

View all Products :

bulletDay break Family blended tea- 250 gm box bulletDay break Green tea- 100 gm box bulletDay break CTC leaf tea- 10 rs. pouch
bulletDay break CTC leaf tea- 250 gm pouch bulletDay break CTC leaf tea- 500 gm pouch bulletDay break CTC leaf tea- 1 kg pouch
bulletDay break Premium dust tea- 500 gm pouch bulletDay break Premium dust tea- 1 kg pouch bulletDay break Premium dust tea- 5 kg bag
bulletDay break Regular dust tea- 1 kg pouch bulletDay break Regular dust tea- 5 kg bag bulletAdarsh CTC leaf tea- 1 kg bag
Beverages :

Why Heartymart Cash n Carry?

We know your Taste!!  

Being the leading Indian spices suppliers across Gujarat, Rajasthan, we are blessed to have been received very well as Indian spices exporter and spices suppliers globally.

With decade of experience, it won’t be wrong if we say that being Indian spices suppliers, spices suppliers, Indian spices exporters, food exporters in India, we can humbly claim that we know the taste of people and we back it with best procurement , best quality and above all the best service.

Our Quality

To satisfy your Customers is our Goal!!!

Anything which bears our name or our brand name is processed, packaged and delivered by Hearty Mart Enterprise with a special focus on quality, colour, texture and most importantly taste.

“BUY FROM THE HEART AT HEARTY MART” or “DIL SE KHAREEDO” is the underlying sentiment of all their businesses. Once again, focusing on the client relationship and taking it beyond, to cement a brand loyalty is the essence of Hearty Mart Enterprise and its brand range available in the market.

Lastly we would like thank everyone who has contributed to our growth by consuming our products or being part of the team or being a farmer who supplies to us or being our partner in retail or wholesale. You made us leading name as Indian spices suppliers, spices suppliers, Indian spices exporters, food exporters of India.