vision & mission

Continuing the tradition of tea in our country, with an emphasis on supply of better quality leaves, strengthened flavor and aroma that leaves an everlasting impression.

About us

Tea or ‘chai’ is the elixir for Indians and we just love our hot cup of tea. History of tea dates back to 750 BC and even today we are one of the largest tea producers of the world. The country consumes 837,000 tonnes of it every year. The ritual of drinking tea transcends all boundaries and today is served at railway stations, roadside lorries, restaurants, posh cafes and coffee shops of 5 Star hotels. Jumping onto this bandwagon and already having a huge existing client base belonging to the HoReCa segment, Hearty Mart Tea Packers was launched in 2010.

From absolute modest and unrelated backgrounds, both Mr. Sabbirali Momin and Mr. Abidali Momin are today convinced that they want to establish their brand, Day Break in the tea industry with a focus on range, quality, pricing, convenience of packaging and attractive schemes for retailers, thus catering to all segments and tastes across the society. With a mindset and working towards providing the best in every nook and corner, “sabse khaas swaad ghar ghar main” the duo are working to increase the outreach and brand range.

The two main promoters behind this venture are Sabbirali, one from Chandisar village and previously occupied in agriculture & Abidali, a computer teacher belonging to Saathal gained the courage to get engaged in the vast but tricky business of tea. This was possible with the backing of Vazirali and under the guidance of Mr. Nadeem Jafri. They had approached Mr. Vazirali Momin, expressing a desire for some kind of association in partnership and instead returned with an opportunity of becoming entrepreneurs! Thus began the journey with one product, Day Break Dust Tea and today are dealing and supplying different varieties of tea across HoReCa constituting approx.80% of sales and remaining 20% of supplies to t jarat and Rajasthan.

The main brands today available on the shelf are: DayBreak dust, DayBreak CTC Leaf Tea in different packaging. Soon to be launched are Dip tea, Green Tea and later diversifying into coffee and premium tea leaves too.