Support Mechanism

“The idea behind Hearty Mart is to create more entrepreneurial avenues for the people associated with us. Having said that, I also believe that the true success of Hearty Mart would be measured only on the basis of its ability to make rural entrepreneurs successful by grooming them and providing them with right technological guidance that can help them run their business efficiently.”

From the desk of Chief Mentor, Mr. Nadeem Jafri

Ethical Code of conduct – believes in following ethical fair practices in all trade aspects, e.g product quality, pricing, training and communication.

Freedom – our complete support mechanism and belief in relationships accounts for a total sustainable model aiding full freedom to our franchisees and helping them achieve complete financial freedom and independence.

It is the above thought that has led to the carving out of a perfect 3 Element Support Mechanism to groom, guide and enable successful entrepreneurs.

Training Support


A comprehensive yet exhaustive training covering all aspects of the retail business is imparted to the franchisee. Customer handling, record keeping, sourcing and negotiating for new products, training new staff and inputs on marketing and local promotions are just some of the areas that are covered in this intensive franchisee training program.

Operation Support


As a Franchisor we realize that transfer of our rich experience in retailing will help the Franchisee the most. The operational support extends to understanding the products, pricing and where to source the right product at the right price. This also covers store layout, hiring and engaging good staff, upkeep of the store, stocking up products and keeping the rotation on the range of products, inventory management, ordering to maintain stock levels, market and competitor survey to keep an upper hand.

Marketing Support


For us at Hearty Mart, relationship is the foundation of all business and that is what we want our Franchisees to understand. The customer is the focus of your business and your marketing strategy, promotional schemes, events and festival discounts should be strategized and planned as per territorial demands. The marketing and promotional strategy is planned at the CG level and discussed at the monthly FDC meetings and later implemented at the stores. The fundamental protection and commitment of Hearty Mart FDC to it’s Franchisee through the support mechanism is based upon Trust, Transparency and an open door policy wherein all information, rules and agreement terms are discussed with an honesty and integrity to further bond the relationship.