• Mr. Vajirali Momin

Mr. Vajirali Momin

History has seen many a stories of people moving from rags to riches but this is a story of selling papads to winning hearts! A gentle soul with a modest outlook has been on a noble mission of transforming the lives of many. From absolute humble beginnings, Mr. Vajirali’s journey till date validates the fact that there should never be a reason for not following your heart.

Mr. Vajirali has been there, seen it all and done it all – from a restaurant employee in 1999 to selling papads in 2003; the brand name of which went on to give an identity to his next business venture; to spice trading, there has been no looking back for Mr. Vajirali. Seizing a business opportunity of supplying food and other raw materials to more than 750 hotels and restaurants located on the highways of Gujarat sealed the foundation of a joint venture; Ashish Enterprises launched in 2005.

The year 2008 saw the successful merger of Hearty Mart Supermarket and Ashish Enterprise giving birth to Hearty Mart Enterprise (HME). This merger resulted in a pooling of abundant talent and resources that aided the growth of the brand.

Mumbai has been a ‘City of Dreams’ for many but for Mr. Vajirali, Ahmedabad has been a city where his dreams have come true and which has further been a provider for many. Starting early in life and living through different & difficult circumstances, Mr. Vajirali’s experiential learning is responsible for molding his businesses and today it is a much touted business model. These successes did not just create profitable business ventures but also many more productively driven entrepreneurs. He has been a huge contributing factor for the upliftment of his village, Saathal where people depended upon daily wages to put food on their tables at the end of the day Mr. Nadeem Jafri and Mr. Vajirali have been the magicians who have waved the wand of Hearty Mart Enterprises and turned around the lives of many by providing business and employment opportunities and a secure quality life.