vision & mission

The ultimate objective of the organization today is to grow as an integrated value chain incorporating many more in-house brands so as to, ultimately be known as a “Total Food Solutions Company”.

About us

India is known as the spice bowl of the world and is a potpourri of flavours, aromas and spices. Spices and masalas are a way of life in India and rice the staple diet of Indians all over the country. Imagine Bollywood without masala, tea without masala, chaat without masala, gossip without masala and finally Indian food without masala! “Chef ki Pasand” and “GoodTime” are brands launched in the spice and taste enhancers segment that add the finishing touch to a dish. “Good Time” is available to the wholesale sector and off the shelf products. However, “Chef ki Pasand” is a brand that was initiated for meeting the demands of the HoReCa segment.

After the creation of Hearty Mart Enterprise, launching their own brands was on the cards. Being at a vantage point by way of an existing network of retail, franchisee outlets, the huge HoReCa sector their various brands had a ready market. Initiating the first brand in 2009-10, their product mix selection was based on Indian tastes and popularity. Hence, Rice – the staple diet of Indians and Masalas, Sauces, Dry fruits without which every Indian meal, palette and life is bland was the obvious choice of products for their own brands. All these brands are sourced, processed, packaged and delivered by Hearty Mart with a special focus on quality, colour, texture and most importantly taste.

“BUY FROM THE HEART AT HEARTY MART” or “DIL SE KHAREEDO” is the underlying sentiment of all their businesses. Once again, focusing on the client relationship and taking it beyond, to cement a brand loyalty is the essence of Hearty Mart Enterprise and its brand range available in the market.

The one-man army, Mr. Hasanali Abbas Momin handling the complete process from sourcing of raw materials to deliveries is a workaholic. He started his career as a salesman in Hearty Mart and has worked and contributed in every department of the enterprise. A complete multi-tasker he is the main driving force, supported by a small team who work in perfect synchronization towards keeping the Enterprise brands on the shelves and gains his strength and inspiration from Mr. Nadeem and Mr. Vajirali.

Adopting technology in every sphere of a growing business is the only way to optimize opportunities. Understanding this fundamental, Hearty Mart Enterprise launched a clever android app on 12th. January 2015 for the wholesale segment, making everything available at one’s fingertips. This allows a user friendly online ordering and tracking system.Well-defined processes and an efficient well-trained team is responsible for a machinery that is pretty much running on automaticity today and this is earning them customer delight!