• Hearty Mart Team Speaks

Hearty Mart Team Speaks

Browse the dictionary or the internet and any other source of information and the word “TEAM” is defined as, “a group of diverse people who come together by coordinating, communicating and collaborating; to achieve a common goal.”

Walk into Hearty Mart and this definition gets translated and is visible in their day to day operations. Be a part of this team and experience a great learning along with freedom and empowerment in a very friendly and encouraging work culture.

Nitin Nihalani: armed with an MBA degree Nitin is empowered as a Franchisee Development Executive and has been successfully working with Hearty Mart since 4 years. When asked to sum up Hearty mart work culture in one or two words, his response was a prompt – “Freedom at workplace”!

This is what he says about the work culture: “I feel that even though there are targets as in any other business development role, the targets are so realistic and the management so open and supportive that one does not feel the pressure. I enjoy my work and despite being in a business development role and taking care of franchisee relations, I still am able to manage a wonderful work-life balance. It’s a great family culture and even though the promoters belong to a different culture and background, I have never felt out of place or faced any challenge due to the differences.”

Momin Ehsaan Ali K: has completed 6 years with Hearty Mart and for him the driving factor has been the organization’s philosophy. Prior to his current assignment he has worked in various organizations at different levels and today is one of the senior most sales and marketing team member.

Hearty Mart for him is, “an organization that doesn’t work only for money but for the betterment of its employees and the society and hence I feel like I am working for myself and my family. I also believe that the organization has a thorough knowledge of the market and therefore there is an understanding and expectations are practical. I love this place and eagerly look forward to coming each day to work.”

Snehal Prajapati: Has completed 4 years with Hearty Mart and today she is an important member of the Corporate Group and is dispensing the responsibilities of a Finance Officer. An MBA Finance student, she was the first woman employee at the Sarkhej office. She describes Hearty Mart as a “SIMPLE AND FRIENDLY Workplace” where you and your work is respected.

Her experience at Hearty Mart, “initially I was anxious about working since I was the only lady at the office and so I felt it might be difficult to adjust but I was proved wrong. The culture and environment out here is so great that I was made to feel comfortable and I adjusted and settled in quite fast. The entire team and management was so supportive, especially Vajiirbhai. The highlight that still feels like just yesterday is that 2 years ago at an award function my efforts were recognized and I was awarded for a significant contribution to the company. This further motivated and has encouraged me.”