Franchisee Development Committee

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The Franchisee Development Committee (FDC), consists of the top management members from Hearty Mart who believe in being there for the franchisee, with the franchisee and by the side of the franchisee.


Hearty Mart is open to people who are willing to join their journey by giving them hope that they can, nurturing their belief in the parent concern by hand holding them from the first baby step till the time they are ready to run the marathon and last but not the least; this team is responsible for development of the society at large by creating more entrepreneurs, employment opportunities and upgrading the lifestyle of people across semi-urban and rural areas.

Who can apply:

Are you wanting to be an entrepreneur but don’t know what and how to begin? Then you are on the right track………… on:

  • Do you want to start-up a retail store or upscale an existing one by gaining benefit of a structured branded retail format?
  • Do you have a minimum SSC or above qualification?
  • Do you have basic trading skills and capacity to understand retail business?
  • Are you dedicated and committed to your own growth?
  • Are you ready to manage the store full time?

Leave the rest to us and we the members of Hearty Mart FDC will take care of training you and providing all the inputs and support in handling the entire operations of the store.
Become a Hearty Mart Franchisee and earn the TEF Badge – a circle of protection for lifetime.


  • Be self-employed – Own your own retail store but different from the ‘kirana’ or regular mom-and-pop stores.
  • Have a store with a brand that has earned its place in the market today.
  • Benefit of greater margins with the in-house range of brands and products.
  • You will receive the support of an entire retail eco-system with the various marketing schemes, managing inventory and handling distributors and suppliers.
  • Full support provided for product sourcing, display, pricing and market updates.
  • Advertising support to acquire potential consumers and ongoing schemes for different products.

Process of application:

  • Prospective entrepreneur needs to duly fill in and submit the online“Franchisee Application Form”.
  • In the event that the franchisee is having the intention to open a retail store in one of the formats and meets the qualifying criteria, a meeting is scheduled.
  • Next, a potential market survey is conducted of the concerned highlighted area and based on the report a decision of selection is taken.
  • A contract between the franchisee and franchiser is signed and entered.
  • Franchisee undergoes 20 days on-the-job training program at a different retail outlet.
  • This is followed with a presentation made by the franchisee of his learning and experience post the training.
  • Upon successful completion of the training and fulfillment of other formalities, a final agreement is signed between Hearty Mart and the franchisee.
  • The store is launched by the franchisee under the guidance and brand of Hearty Mart.