vision & mission

As the name, “Farm to Market’ suggests, Hearty Mart brings the Farmer and his Farm to the Market in a well defined, organized and qualitative manner. We would like to see the famer prosper in every aspect of the process with mutual understanding and working together, beginning with critical support being provided in agriculture productivity, procurement and distribution of crops, products.

Major objective of this close collaboration would be to reduce overheads, increase productivity with a focus on better quality by using natural raw materials and discourage usage of chemicals etc. Last but not the least to reduce migration of village population towards cities and towns by increasing employability opportunities and offering better prices thereby enhancing quality of life of these farmers and their families.

About us

STRENGTHS : A great team of professionally qualified experienced scientists, business management & marketing experts and a diligent hard working manpower force to support the management. Establish a strong reliable continuous network of logistics between the farmers and consumers. Finally, but most importantly, The backing of Hearty Mart, a well established and successful business model will provide that much needed strength & integrity to the structure. Hearty Mart is committed itself to raise the bar of quality of life by providing job opportunities at the rural level and they have been successful in their efforts to introduce retail market in the villages. This has ensured, not only good quality products being available to the public, but also created better employability for the people. The rising concern of farmers selling agricultural land to move to towns and cities is definitely lowering overall food production, thereby increased prices and overall drop in quality of raw materials which is affecting health of society.


Hearty Mart is aiming to plug these troubling factors by doing the following:

  • Offering free consultancy to farmers & update them regarding technology, government schemes and other information so that they are keeping with the latest trends in agriculture.
  • They would help in procurement of best quality seeds, machines & fertilizers etc. so that their productivity increases but at reduced costs yet without compromising quality of end product
  • Constant support and sharing of best practices which would be made available from the best team on hand.
  • Marketing and Distribution support: Hearty Mart would provide the best market rates in the best market conditions, thereby eliminating the middle men and ensuring the farmers get the right and best prices for their produces.
  • They would also closely collaborate with various Rural and Governmental centres, Agricultural Research and Development Bodies and thereby bring to the doorstep a constant flow of updated information and best practices via interaction with the best farmers, scientists etc.

All of the above would be enabled by Hearty Mart Team which would strive to keep bringing the best to uplift the standards and bring back the green revolution in the country, which has sadly been neglected due to growing importance to industrialization.