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Looking for a winning formula? Take one science graduate who went on to get a management degree; worked hard to gain a rich and diverse experience of 8+ years and, the other a grounded and hard-working man on a mission – and the formula cannot go wrong.

Mr. Nadeem Jafri, the man behind Hearty Mart Supermarket (2004) and Mr. Vajirali of Ashish Enterprise came together to create Hearty Mart Enterprise in 2008 which today is a dynamic group growing by leaps and bounds.


Two social entrepreneurs, the former initiated and operating a chain of retail and franchisee units and the latter spanning and servicing a huge segment of Hotels, restaurants and caterers. Together they pooled in their know-how and network and this growing network brought in more workforce, ideas, capital investment and this in turn resulted in the creation of several successful entrepreneurs from within the business family and associates who joined hands along the way, adding muscle to the brand.


The CG is a think tank initiative with a focus on value add-ons that would not have been possible as a stand-alone unit. It has a responsibility towards all its SBUs at an operational level. The diversified brand portfolio today, required a centralized control tower ensuring standardization of quality, policies and communication at all points of end deliverables. Hearty Mart Corporate Group is fulfilling this function and ensuring quick decision making in sync with their policies and expansion plans. The core team meets monthly to design blueprints for marketing, analyze past performances, highlight and anticipate teething issues in future projects, facilitate developmental master plans and build the capacity of the team to execute. All this is achieved without compromising on the faith, breaching the hope and ensuring development of not only stakeholders and associates, but also the society at large. Hearty Mart is not only about brainpower but also about the heart and soul.

At Hearty Mart work without relationships is like life without a soul or business without a philosophy!


The period 2009 and 2010 saw several additions to the Core Group and diversification of the brand portfolio by the way of Hearty Mart Logistics, Hearty Mart Tea Packers, Celesta, (Good Time, Chef ki Pasand and Hearty Mart Rice – brands owned by the enterprise) and Bakers Point- to be opening in 2015 and I Heartymart. Each chapter, scripted by Mr. Nadeem Jafri & Mr. Vajirali, brought to action by a team of front face entrepreneurs, all from modest backgrounds and coordinated to the point of perfection by the strong back stage admin and marketing team. This today forms the core group of Hearty Mart and functions as the brain and soul of the team.

Members Of Core Group:

  • Mr. Nadim Jafri – Chief Mentor
  • Mr. VajirAli Momin – Group CEO
  • Mr. SabirHusen Momin – Franchise development Executive
  • Mr. HusenAbbas Momin – Sales Director
  • Mrs. Snehal Prajapati – Finance Manager